My name is Megan. Documenting life has always been a passion of mine, and photography has become one of my favorite ways to do so. Growing up in Spokane Washington, I was surrounded by the great PNW and wonderfully inspiring people.  From a very early age I learned that life's moments are extraordinary and fleeting, and all I wanted to do was capture them and gift them to the world.

My goal with photography is to enhance your moments, capture your emotions and give you genuine, tangible memories that will last a life time. You deserve to be documented, because your story is truly amazing. I believe in simplicity, vulnerability, and the depth that all of our hearts hold. My joy comes from pulling beauty out of everyday life and showing the wonder in our relationships, challenges and triumphs. Our existance is so inspiring, and I never want to become numb to that fact. 

Based in Vancouver Washington, I'm sharing a life with my wonderful husband and two lazy cats. I enjoy the rain these parts bring, and the geese that fly over head often. They remind me of my mom and her love for nature, as well as her lessons of being humble and appreciating life's little gifts. I'm so honored to be connecting with people and experiencing brief winks of time with them. 

I will travel around the world for projects, as well as come next door to say hello.

I will work my hardest to serve everyone I encounter.
I look forward to meeting you. 

-Megan Coleman

Photo Credit: Allison Harp



One does not stop seeing. One does not stop framing. It doesn’t turn off and on. It’s on all the time.
— Annie Leibovitz