My Wonderful Clients 

I feel especially blessed to have to opportunity of knowing my clients on a personal level. Getting to know their families, learn about their lives and photographing moments of their time, has been such a gift going both ways. I have the coolest job ever, and its all because of the people I work for. Here's a bit about them. 


Cannon beach-Gracie

I had the pleasure of working with Gracie, as well eighteen of her family members! All ranging from just months old to happy grandparents. We all had a memorable time at Cannon Beach, in front of the famous Haystack Rock. Grand kids gathered together making funny faces at my camera, while the rest of the family bunched different groups together for the next photo-op.  Sunset was the perfect time for these moments to be had. The sun was warm on our backs as the wind played with our hair. Seeing the tight connection between every family member was so refreshing and joyous. I am so blessed to have worked with this awesome group of people! And now we both have photos to remember our time by. 

Senior portaits- Ali 

This girl right here is one of my oldest friends. I'm most certain she was one of the first human beings I ever met. Growing up together, we've seen the ups and the downs growing can bring. From sleep overs when we were five to study sessions in college, Ali has always been a joy to spend time with. She's got a heart for God, and knows me too well. When she asked me to do her senior photos, I was ecstatic. We moseyed around down town Camas, WA, talking about life and our happiness. It was wonderful to be together taking photos, as the only thing we had to worry about was whether to leave our jackets in the car or not. She let me put her in flowered trees next to gas stations and stood in muddy ground because the water behind her was "pretty in the picture!". She makes me laugh, and is so fun to photograph. Now that she is an RN, she's off to do even greater things. What a blessing she is, and how fun it was to complete her Senior Photos! 


376A0954 2.JPG

my sister - Elliott

This pretty lady happens to be my younger sister. Its just the two of us, and I’m so happy about that. I could not ask for a more understanding, kind sister. Her spirit is sweet and her character runs deep. Oh, and she’s a great model, so thats a bonus!



Andrea is one of the sweetest people I’ve gotten to shoot with. We were brand new to each other, and right away I felt welcome and comfortable. The day spent in Renton was filled with fall leaves and sunshine, just beautiful. Towards the end of our shoot, her husband and son tagged along and we got some awesome family shots! I loved working with Andrea, I could definitely see how passionate she is about other people and her clients. She’s an awesome lady!